Stolk Construction’s mission is to make the lives of their clients easier. The Stolk team does this by being a solutions provider, offering manage- ment and labour services to BUILD, RENOVATE and MAINTAIN facilties. For nearly 60 years Stolk has focused on serving clients in industrial, commercial and institutional environments.

CEM Engineering is a St. Catharines based thermal power engineering firm, specializing in cogeneration and energy management. Formed in 2001, working primarily with industrial customers, CEM specializes in helping clients achieve their environmental and energy goals.

Strength Of Relationship

The strategic partnership between CEM and Stolk was very much born out of two leaders with a great deal of respect for each other and for the organizations they lead, two forward thinking organizations founded on similar core values. The focus of both parties on their teams and their clients runs deep in their operations and is evident in their deliverables.

CEM’s Chief Operating Officer, Matt Lensink and Stolk Construction’s President, Len Stolk initially met through a Peer Advisory Group formed by mutual Business Coach, Verne Milot of Growth Associates. A year after their initial introduction, the CEM team created an EPC (Engineer, Procure, Construct) arm of their company, fittingly called CEM Projects. CEM hadn’t always had the easiest time managing contractors and Matt approached Len to discuss the opportunity to work together. Matt was cognizant of how much experience Stolk had in the industrial sector and was optimistic that this, coupled with a confidence in the abilities of each other’s teams would be the foundation of a strong partnership.

The Road Ahead – Building The Power To Take Control

Today the CEM Projects and Stolk Construction teams are able to look back at two successfully run EPC projects with affirmation that this partnership was a great strategic decision. Key to success has been an open, honest relationship, focused on continuous improvement.

Energy challenges are the reality of many organizations who want to keep making their products and operating their facilities. Together CEM Projects and Stolk Construction will continue to deliver a solution that allows their clients to be hands off, and in a more efficient means than two firms working in silos. Gone is the need to purchase equipment, engage contractors and so on. Instead the two teams provide peace of mind that together they can build the power for the client, who in turn can take control of their energy needs.

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