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Stolk Construction is a proud Butler Builder®

Stolk Construction is the Niagara-authorized partner of Butler Manufacturing Pre-Engineered buildings. Butler’s®proven building solutions are excellent for any client who values the highest quality solution when it comes to pre-engineered buildings. Butler® has been committed to providing innovative, efficient and aesthetically-pleasing building solutions for over 100 years.

What is a Pre-Engineered Building (PEB )?

A PEB is a building that is designed and engineered with its essential building specs finalized before beginning the production of the building materials.

Pre-Engineered vs. Prefabrication:

When you work with Stolk, your pre-engineered building also includes prefabrication (prefab) because once we help you finalize a design, we work with Butler® to manufacture the building materials to your design’s exact specifications.

Pre-engineered buildings are usually made of steel, which is why they’re often referred to as pre-eng steel or metal buildings. Butler® innovative building components are designed for strength, durability, longevity and sustainability so you can save time and money on maintenance over your building’s lifetime.

What Are the Benefits of Butler® Pre-Engineered Buildings?

  • Versatile design capabilities and application to suit an extensive variety of buildings across institutional, commercial and industrial sectors
  • Faster delivery thanks to a more efficient and streamlined construction schedule, so you spend less time in the building phase and more time serving your customers
  • Innovative engineering that provide flexibility for future additions, meaning your building can grow along with your business
  • Proven building solutions that make your building higher quality, energy efficient, and affordable, so you can save time and money on maintenance over the years

The Process: How Stolk Works with You to Deliver a Pre-Engineered Building

You’ve decided on pre-engineering for your new facility. Congratulations! You’ve made an excellent decision.

From here, the Stolk team will be working hard to make this process as stress-free and efficient as possible for you. We’ll help you choose a building design from the extensive Butler® product line, and make any customizations you require. We take the responsibility of working with Butler® engineers and designers to meet your needs through the design and fabrication stage and finally the erection of your new building.

When you’ve begun operating in your new facility on time and on budget, you’ll be thrilled with your decision to grow your business with Butler® pre-engineered building systems.

Request a Consultation for Your Pre-Engineered Building Project