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Boggio Medical Center


Transformation of an existing stand-alone pharmacy into a medical centre anchored by the pharmacy to include multiple medical practices under one roof to better serve patients and customers.


  • Boggio Pharmacy had a busy dispensary and retail space that needed to be expanded, but could not close for the renovation and addition, so the project had to be completed in phases to allow operations to continue.
  • Existing medical practices required temporary relocation on the property so the existing buildings could be demolished to allow for construction.


  • Provide a complete health, medication, independent living and daily lifestyle solution to customers in the heart of Port Colborne. The new medical centre houses two family physician practices, optometrist office, Life Labs medical testing office, home healthcare/mobility department, and pharmacy all within one building
  • Design and construct the space to be entirely accessible
  • Downtown location for pedestrian traffic and convenient parking for access to the medical centre


  • Construction occurred without having to close down the pharmacy and retail space
  • Doctors were moved into temporary portable offices on the property to allow for continued operations until their
    new offices were constructed
  • Demolition of two existing medical buildings
  • Renovation of an existing 8000 sq. ft pharmacy
  • Two-story, 9200 sq. ft addition
  • Central elevator to allow for complete building accessibility