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Ridley College Lower School – Construction Management


Stolk Construction provided Construction Management throughout this project.  The existing vaulted suspended plaster ceiling was subject to significant water damage causing the need for replacement.  This presented the opportunity to improve the overall quality of the space while maintaining the historical grandeur of the room.  Project components included but were not limited to:

  • Improvement of flow within the room
  • Items including existing wood detailing, furniture and lighting were refurbished and brought back into the space
  • Construction of a feature wall including: fireplace, built-in seating, a retractable projection screen, a/v equipment closet and incorporation of return air ducting for the new HVAC system.  The new ceiling is a key component of the beauty of this room
  • Upgraded AV system
  • New paint scheme
  • New flooring with historical in-lay detailing
  • Additional lighting added to the space
  • Motorized blind installation


Project Completion Date: September 2017

Download PDF of Project