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Timmins Area District Hospital


Installation of a 1.57MW Hybrid CHP and GA system for the Timmins and Area District Hospital


The combined heat and power units will provide system steam and heat generating capabilities to the existing infrastructure while lowering the electrical requirements and costs for the hospital. The Global Adjustment units will reduce the hospital’s dependence on the public utility system during the Global Adjustment peak periods.


Provide process steam and heat to the existing infrastructure in the hospital

Reduce the electrical requirements on the process components, such as electrical boilers to heat water and generate steam for the required processes

Provide a more reliable backup power supply during interruptions to the main electrical supply

Reduce or eliminate the Global Adjustment fees paid by the customer


Turn-key EPC project in collaboration with CEM engineering

Project Management and managing safety protocols

Civil construction which includes excavation, all equipment foundations

Installation of the 2 Combined Heat and Power(CHP) and the 2 Global Adjustment(GA) units

Installation of the pipe/cable support racks

Installation of new 600V 3200A switchgear and bus extension

Installation of associated cabling between new switchgear and CHP and GA units

Installation of SCADA, controls equipment and communication equipment

Installation of hot water piping between existing infrastructure and the CHP units

Installation of the natural gas line

Coordination between local utilities including Hydro One and Enbridge

Commissioning of electrical and mechanical equipment

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